Global Sourcing Services

Since 2007 Global Sourcing Services (GSS) has become a leading global supplier to businesses and manufacturers who want to become more competitive through innovation and substantial cost savings within their industries. GSS offer a full importing solution from factory direct product sourcing, production management, quality control, logistics, customs clearance, through to local delivery.

GSS can source and manufacture almost any products required and some of the production methods they specialise include but are not limited to Welding & Fabrication, Laser & Plasma Cutting,  Sheet Metal Work, Machining, Plastic Moulding and Forming, Extrusion,  Foam and PVC Fabrication, Industrial Upholstery and  Rubber Moulding.  Whatever your product or application, GSS will be happy to discuss it with you.

GSS are highly customer focused and work with the aim of a long term relationship with their clients and suppliers. Their clients see them as an extension to their team and resources which helps them to have access to services usually reserved for larger companies.

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